Being in Inkiri Piracanga can be a challenging experience, but also very beautiful and intense. Here there is a constant invitation to look within and take responsibility for everything in your life by recognizing yourself as part of a complex and interconnected nature. Therefore, we have established some agreements so you know what you can expect from us and make your experience here unforgettable.

Here we do not consume cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and expanders of consciousness

There are things that we do not give up here, but they all have an explanation. We have an agreement not to consume cigarettes, drugs, alcoholic beverages, and conscience expanders here. We have developed a spiritual work of very deep self-knowledge and this rule is to be able to protect and sustain our work energetically.

We do not sell food of animal origin

We seek more and more to feed ourselves in harmony with the planet, without generating any suffering. So we do not consume any type of meat here and our restaurants are 100% vegan. You do not have to be vegan to be here, but you have to be open to experiencing it with us.

We take care of our waters and use solar energy

We are disconnected from basic sanitation and electricity by choosing self-responsibility. So we close our own cycles, causing less impact on the planet.

If you come here, you need to help us do that. This means committing to using 100% biodegradable personal care and cleaning products. We produce and sell all those biodegradable products here. This agreement exists because all the water we consume is treated by natural systems. Using the “normal” products you use in the city is to contaminate the water we consume. We take this theme very seriously!

Our energy is solar and, although the sun is strong in Bahia, you can not use electricity at will. For example, you can only charge cell phone and computer by day, you can not use hair dryer, flat iron or any resistance device. In general, we do not have refrigerators in the houses – which is an invitation for us to reinvent ourselves every day.

Wild animals, yes. pet, not

The nature here is very beautiful and there is no doubt that you will love it. You are likely to encounter birds, monkeys, lizards, butterflies, and many other critters that will brighten your day. There are also other critters that you may not like very much, such as mothballs, cockroaches, spiders and bats. This is an excellent opportunity to confront some fears in a safe place. Here you will not find pets. That’s because we believe that animals should be free.

Respect for privacy and self-responsibility

We want to be an inspiration to the world, but this does not make our space a public place. We run a private place. Many people here have their own homes and even those who share homes also have their privacy. Then, to visit Inkiri Piracanga, we ask that you dial in advance and have a reserved accommodation. Camping is not allowed here.

We are always looking for sustainability, but we can not support anyone. To be here you need to secure your financial support. The way to do this may be working on our projects, but we can not guarantee vacancies before meeting you personally and also before going through a seva period (disinterested service). This is a way to get acquainted, gain confidence and find out if this dream has to do with you.