07.11.2015 - 15.11.2015

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Aura Level 1 in English

Aura Reading and Healing Retreat, November 7-15, 2015, Piracanga

Anyone can learn to read auras and energy, it is simple and easy.  An aura is an energy field that holds all the information for every being.  

Imagine discovering that you can open a magic door and look inside yourself to see who you truly are, to know your past lives and how they influence you, to become aware of your system of beliefs, and the behavioral patterns that manipulate your life.  

Imagine discovering that you can release what no longer serves you, you can heal what brings you suffering and can forgive those who caused you discomfort or pain.  

Imagine now that you are free to live your dreams and have inner peace, and that you can learn how to create your reality according to your true desires.   

Finally, imagine that the divine wisdom of your spirit can guide you on a daily basis. 

The aura reading is nothing more than a communication tool with the most sacred and authentic part of yourself.  It is miraculous and powerful, yet simple and easy to do.    

In this retreat you will have the opportunity to dive deeply into your being, get to know the truths about your path and mission and learn tools that will allow you to transmute your fear and whatever is blocking your most authentic expression. 

You will learn how to read your aura and the aura of others so that the truth can be communicated, helping to heal the world and support others on their paths.  

You will develop your clairvoyant abilities, discovering that they are simple intuitive tools that are accessible to all.   

You will also learn the Rose Meditation.  An active meditation that connects you to your higher self, protects your aura, allows you to cleanse your chakras and your energy, transmuting patterns of behavior that no longer serve you.  

You will also be initiated in Essential Reiki Level 1, and participate in numerous fun activities such as dance, mantras, music and meditations that are part of the program.  

Join us for this magnificent and powerful healing retreat!

This is course for those:

-who want to connect with their inner power in order to materialize their dreams 

-who want to free themselves from negative behavior and patterns that interfere in their life and wellbeing

-who want to open their intuition and start to communicate with their inner truth 

-who want to read their own aura and use this tool for continuous self awareness

– who want to become an aura reading therapist and use this tool for healing others

Everyone will leave this retreat with the ability to read auras.  This can be used  for one’s own benefit and personal growth or to help and support others by becoming an aura reading therapist.

The main focus of this retreat:

-Learn to read auras;

-Techniques for aura cleansing and protection;

-Open or improve your intuitive abilities of clairvoyance (seeing),  clairaudience (hearing),  and claircognizance (knowing);

-Initiation in Reiki 1 enabling you to utilize this healing energy for yourself and others;

-Deep inner work and healing;

-Work with the chakra system (the energy centers of our body)

-Information about energetic dynamics and creating our reality;

The course will cover the following topics:

-Our insecurities and illusionary needs;

-Issues of love, passion and attachments;

-Energy of creation;

-Living our dreams;

-Personal power/strength;

-Our relation to nature;

-Our relation to work;

-Money & Spirituality;

-Ego vs. Inner Truth;

-Guilt, inner child;

-The energy of love and universal healing;

-Human love and divine love;

-The power of words and communication;

-The universal laws and how to manifest in this dimension;


-Communication with angels;



-Past lives and karma;

-Programming and rooted limiting beliefs; 


Facilitator:  Steve Ramael 

For further information please write to us: piracanga@piracanga.com 


Included in the price are the cost of the retreat + 3 daily meals + lodging  (dinner included on the first night before the retreat and breakfast on the day after the retreat ends); please note that all prices below are in Brazilian Reais, 1 USD = approximately 3.1 reais (please check the current exchange rate with your currency on-line as the exchange rate fluctuates).  

  • Single Room: R$3,150
  • Double Room: R$2,750
  • Tripe Room: R$2,650
  • Dorm Room  (8 beds): R$2,300

Data de chegada e saída

Devido à nossa localização, você precisa se organizar para chegar no dia XX e sair no dia YY. Assim você não perde nenhuma das atividades. Se quiser aproveitar mais, pode pedir diárias extras tanto antes como depois.