11.10.2016 - 12.10.2016


Our dreams show us the pure truth of our being. The dreams we dream when we’re awake are the ones that takes us toward our mission, that show us our strength and guide us toward our inner being. The ones we dream when we’re asleep are a divine communication tool that cures us using sings you’re not able to see in your daily life.

In the dream course you will learn to recognize both kinds of dream, awake and asleep. You will be working in union on overcoming fears and blockages that keep you from living your personal truth, the one that will set you free and allow you to dream and find ever more fulfillment. Dream and fulfillment are one and the same.

Dream and spirit are one and the same.

Embark on this journey of inner knowledge, dream dimensions and discovery of you Divine Being.

Prices per person

Note: Prices include food, lodging and training — flights and airport transfer costs are not included.

Prices are in Brazilian Reais and based on the following dates:
*Arriving October 10th, departing October 13th*

  • Single room: R$900.00
  • Double room: R$750.00
  • Triple room: R$705.00
  • Mixed dorm (8 beds): R$600.00


The closest airport to Inkiri Piracanga is the Ilhéus/Bahia Airport (IOS). The most common international airports with flights to IOS are Salvador, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília. Local airlines with flights to IOS include Gol, Avianca, TAM and Azul.

Arrival info:

Total travel time from the Ilhéus Airport (IOS) to Inkiri Piracanga is about 2h30min (partially on a unpaved road). Transport costs from the airport to Inkiri Piracanga are not included in the retreat fee**.
**You will need to book your transport to / from the airport separately with: transportespiracanga@gmail.com

For questions about the retreat and to enroll: anapatricia@inkiri.com

Data de chegada e saída

Devido à nossa localização, você precisa se organizar para chegar no dia XX e sair no dia YY. Assim você não perde nenhuma das atividades. Se quiser aproveitar mais, pode pedir diárias extras tanto antes como depois.