17.01.2018 - 22.01.2018



“Inspiring people to live a new lifestyle, through the experience of Surfing, Yoga and Music, growing the connection with the body, the Ocean, the Nature and Spirituality.”

SYM is a dream of a group of friends who love the Sea, Surfing, Yoga and Music. It is about sharing this passion and lifestyle with beginners and intermediate surfers, through unique moments fully connected with the Nature.

SYM is for everyone! 

It´s for you, for your friends, for your sons, for your partner, you don´t need to have any previous experience with surfing or yoga neither music instruments.


SURFING is the base of everything.

Through Surfing we can connect with the magic and power of Nature.

The ocean opens space in ourselves to find peace and harmony.

We learn to flow with every wave.

We believe that the Sea is our Temple and Surfing is our Meditation.

During the Retreat, we cross the Piracanga River and go Surfing.

We work out not only the technical side but also the spiritual side of Surfing. The main goal is always to have fun! During the process the participants are guided by experienced surfers, that will help you to learn, empower and believe in yourself.

YOGA is always there between the Surfing sessions, helping to bring you inner and outer balance, and also preparing and recovering the body.

Combining elements and different techniques such as Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini Yoga, we practice with the goal of aligning mind, body and spirit.

MUSIC is there to bring us lightness, inner connection and to elevate our vibration. We have created musical experiences, such as Mantras singing and live music during the Yoga practices.

Support, respect and trust. Listening, going together, embracing, teaching and learning. These are our bases, our values.

SYM is a Project that has the Workshop and the Retreat formats.

It all happens in the Inkiri Piracanga Centre several times per year.

Check out the dates on the Courses and Retreats calendar.

Facilitators: Mery Fassi, Maxi Fassi, Luiz Felipe Roselli.



“Dear SYM friends, such extraordinary 5 days, I’m so very grateful that I got to spend them with you!!! Now, after arrival back in Stockholm, it all seems almost unreal, so thank you for all the visual reminders in this group and the photo link (as I was beginning to wonder if SYM really happened.  It was indeed a magical and healing experience, wishing more such magic for everyone! Hope to see you son again, and if anyone is travelling to Sweden, let me know. “


Caroline Olburs 



Surfboards: We recommend that you bring your own, but in case you don`t have one, or you can´t bring it, you can rent a surfboard with us (we charge R$350 in total for the full retreat rental and you can pay it to the SYM Team when you arrive).

Send an e-mail to sym@inkiri.com to subscribe now


Valores por pessoa:

Inclui: curso + acomodação + alimentação (desde o jantar da véspera do início do curso até o café da manhã do dia seguinte ao término do curso) + transporte (Itacaré - Inkiri Piracanga ida e volta) + taxa de pegada ecológica. Os valores podem ser parcelados em até 10 vezes no cartão de crédito ou pagos com 10% de desconto à vista no boleto.

Data de chegada e saída

Devido à nossa localização, você precisa se organizar para chegar no dia XX e sair no dia YY. Assim você não perde nenhuma das atividades. Se quiser aproveitar mais, pode pedir diárias extras tanto antes como depois.