If you wish to visit us, it is important to be informed about some questions. In order for you to enjoy your stay, we prepared this FAQ page with answers to the most common questions we are asked.

If you do not find the answer to your question below, go to the Contact page and we will be happy to help you.

We primarily use a clean and renewable source here, solar power. We are thus able to address to a large extent our electricity demand, but we have to be careful no to overload our usage. On cloudy and rainy days we avoid charging our mobile phones, computers, using washing machines, etc. Whenever possible, charge your electronic devices during daylight hours. We also ask you not to leave any lights unnecessarily on in dorms and inside and outside houses. It is not allowed to use hair dryers, hair straightening irons, curling irons, blenders, coffee makers or any other high power consumption appliances. .

The weather is sunny here almost everyday. Therefore, bring light clothes, bathing and swimming suits, sarongs, hats, sunglasses and other items to enjoy bathing in the river and in the sea. It might be a bit colder in the evening, so also bring warm clothes. It might be a good idea to bring a flashlight for walking at night. If you wish, bring clothes for exercising. The use of irons for clothes, hair dryers or any other high power consumption appliances is not allowed, it overloads our system. Favor bringing clothes that do not need ironing if this is important for you.

We kindly ask you not to bring chemical products like personal hygiene and general cleaning products. We also ask you not to bring any substances for consumption here such as alcohol, any beverages that alter the state of consciousness nor any drugs (marijuana included). We also ask you to avoid bringing non-recyclable packages that would need to be discarded here, such as metalized packages (chips/snacks), Styrofoam packages, etc.

Nature is beautiful and abundant around here, offering plenty of places for children to freely play. The Piracanga River is children's favorite place in here, and we kindly ask you not to let children play unsupervised in the river. They must be under the supervision of an adult at all times.

We have the gift of having and abundant reservoir of fresh and crystal clear water in our underground. This very water is pumped to water-tanks and one may drink directly from the tap at two locations in the Inkiri Center: at the Restaurant and at Espaço Açaí. To maintain the purity of our water we observe strict rules: we abide by the agreement of using only 100% biodegradable products, and the choice of personal hygiene and cleaning products is of the utmost importance. You will find biodegradable personal hygiene products and insect repellents at our shop located by the Restaurant. They were created with love by one of Inkiri's projects, Plante! These 100% biodegradable products are handmade at the Inkiri Center and safely protect our water! You may also bring your own products if you have them first checked at the Templo das Águas or at the Temple shop by the Restaurant prior to using them at the Inkiri Piracanga Center.

Food at the Inkiri Piracanga Center is vegan (without any animal origin ingredients). It is full of creativity and love! Each course, retreat or accommodation program will have a specific diet. Check with our team what meals are included in your package.

It is not our intention to interfere with no one's free will. However, the energy protection of those who come to the Inkiri Piracanga Center seeking a protected space for their self-knowledge process is our full responsibility. The use of tobacco, alcohol and of any substances that alter the consciousness or the healt is NOT allowed in here. We ask smokers to smoke outside the limits of the Inkiri Piracanga Center and, for love, never to discard cigarette butts in Nature, and be careful not to pose a serious risk of fire by throwing burning cigarette butts into the woods, that may be dry. Put-out butts must be disposed of together with your non-recyclable waste.

At the Inkiri Piracanga Center we always sort waste for it to be reused or transformed into something useful for the community and/or for nature. Organic waste, as well as our own feces are composted and enrich the soil. Recyclable waste becomes handicrafts. Non-recyclable waste is sent to the Itacaré waste disposal, where we do not control what is done with it. Therefore, we ask two things of you. First: whenever possible, use our composting toilets, your feces will thus be more useful to Earth. Second: we ask visitors to do their best not to bring non-recyclable packages and products. If it is not possible to avoid the use of such packaging, it is important to wash your waste with water and soap before you dispose of it in the trash to avoid attracting insects and other animals to it.

The Inkiri Piracanga Center is in the Piracanga Ecovillage, located on the Maraú Peninsula, in the State of Bahia, Brazil. The nearest town is Itacaré (40- to 50-minute-drive on dirt and paved roads). Since we are located at a very beautiful and remote natural site, we advise you to arrive here using our Inkiri Transportation service. We kindly ask you to make your transportation reservation in advance. On the Transportation webpage you will find complete information on how to get here.

We do not accept credit cards nor debit cards. We ask you to bring Brazilian Reais (BRL) or to purchase Inkiris, our community currency, via a bank slip. By using our community currency you take part in the realization of Inkiri Piracanga collective dreams and foster the development of our projects and of the local economy.

Here you will find a long stretch of beach and river margins. Both with safe places for swimming and relaxing, also available for children. We only ask you to be mindful of areas with intense undertow and at the time of high-tide, which make waters more unstable for the little ones. You will hardly find it cold out here. However, it is advisable to bring warm clothes in with you. The sun shines almost everyday. Don't forget to bring shirts and a hat for protection. Between May and June, when rainfall is more intense and temperatures are colder, you should bring an umbrella or a raincoat.

The Espaço Cura (Healing Space) is energetically prepared to host therapies offered at the Inkiri Piracanga Center. We created a space that brings energy quality and safety for your development and cure with consciousness and wisdom. We offer many different therapies here, among which: Aura Reading, Reiki and massages. Fees range between R$180 and R$330. You may schedule your session exclusively at the Reception Desk.

Wifi intenet connection is available at a cost varying from R$5 per day to R$50 per month, and Wifi signal covers the common areas of the Inkiri Piracanga Center. Our internet originates from Itacaré, and it may suffer interferences due to intense use in Itacaré, rain or technical problems. The best signal for mobile telephony is from VIVO operator.

At our Loja Inkiri (Inkiri Shop) you will find products made as part of the Arts Inkiri Pillar, such as handicrafts, clothes, accessories, trinkets, etc. At the Templo das Águas (Water Temple) we offer personal hygiene and cleaning products produced by Plante! Inkiri. At the Loja Brigit (Brigit Shop) you will find products sold by residents, such as clothes, trinkets, decoration articles, items for personal use (such as menstrual collector cups) and various products for day to day usage. These three shops are located near the Restaurant.

At Espaço Açaí (Açaí Hangout) we offer juices, desserts, snacks and açaí, all of which vegan products! There's also a Shake stand offering shakes and snacks. At the Frutos da Terra (Earth Produce) Emporium you will find grains, flours, dried fruits, seeds and an assortment of natural produce.

Fortnightly, on Sundays, there is a Fair held in the garden in front of the Restaurant, by the river, where residents display their gifts and talents in making vegan snacks and products.

Behind each house or cabin you will find a sink for washing your clothes. Normally you will also find clothes lines there. At the Inkiri Center we do not use any chemicals for personal hygiene nor for general cleaning. We ask residents and visitors alike to only use 100% biodegradable products. These may be brought and checked for safety at the Water Temple Shop prior to usage, or may be directly purchased at the Water Temple Shop.

Our center offers a wide variety of courses, retreats and activities. Learn more about them on our Courses and Events page. You may schedule therapy sessions at Espaço Cura, do service in one of our projects, and enjoy our common spaces for eating and hanging out. There are also collective activities such as circular dances, sports, music and meditations.

The sun in Bahia may be too intense for sensitive skins. Avoid exposure to the sun between 11am and 3pm. Bring a flashlight to walk the grounds at night. Avoid eating and storing food in the bedrooms. Insects will always find their way to that hidden delicacy. Bring light clothes and swimming/bathing suits.

The Piracanga Ecovillage consists of around 40 houses where over 200 people of different nationalities reside. During your stay here you will have the opportunity to visit the ecovillage and get to know the people who live here or stay here for some time. We kindly ask you to respect private property of the families and not to take pictures, and not to enter empty houses. If you wish, you may schedule with us a guided tour to know our history better.

It's good to know that you can relate to all that we are doing here in Piracanga! Before you make the decision to come live here with us it is very important that you learn more about our agreements and about how things are here. Thus you will find out whether you are willing to adapt, accept and participate. Click here to learn more.

You also must be familiar with the ways of having an Inkiri Experience here at Piracanga with us. Some of them are programs in which you live here with us for some time, experience our spirituality, our agreements and see the Inkiri Dream in action. During the time you are here you may develop yourself, contribute a lot to our reality, and then decide whether you want to go on living here or if your history will take you elsewhere, and you may take what you learned here to the world.

After you've been here, if everything goes well, if you relate to a project that also needs your collaboration to develop, we may identify some housing options for you to help put the Inkiri Dream to action via the experiences and solutions we are creating.