The Inkiri Piracanga experience has several entrance doors. Here you find opportunities to visit us, to get to know yourself, to serve, to develop your talents, to live in community and to experience new ways of life. Navigate through the tabs below, take a deep breath and feel which of these doors connects more with you!

Courses and Retreats


Most people come to Inkiri Piracanga through our courses, experiences and self-knowledge retreats. All courses we offer have specific goals, but share the same mission: to assist the awakening of consciousness.

In order for your light to shine to its full potential it is necessary to undergo a process of self-knowledge that illuminates the dark parts of your own story. Our goal is to be at service of this process, helping more and more people to discover who they really are.

  • Go to “Courses and Events” and find out about our activities agenda.
  • Duration: 3 to 9 days
  • Audience: youth and adults in search of self-knowledge


Viva Inkiri University


Viva Inkiri University is a program for youth aged 18 to 28 that provides a space where the potential of each one can be revealed. A space where gifts and talents can be unveiled through the experience of living in community and participating actively in projects.

When we empower ourselves and take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, we become aware that we are the creators of our own reality and that together we are all responsible for the reality we create on the planet. It is from this scenario that emerges the awareness of the need to take care of nature and of each other with love.

So this can happen, the University project provides classes, retreats, work in practice, community life, spiritual and psychological support.

Duration: 2, 3 or 6 months

Public: people from 18 to 28 years old


Inkiri Service School


“Service is the fastest way to transform suffering into joy. Through service you feel you establish your place in the world.” Sri Prem Baba

The Inkiri Service School is a project that intends to open the doors to unite spirituality with the material and practical world and is open to people from 28 years old.

The program takes place in two months: a week of presentation and seven weeks dedicated to work the inner values that need to be awakened. To reach this, the participants serve in different Inkiri projects, such as the kitchen, the cultural space, the permaculture center, etc. At the same time, lectures, sharing dynamics and experience events will guide and help them in the process of self-investigation and inner discovery.

Duration: 2 months

Audience: people who are looking for a deep process through the act of serving


Inkiri Nature School

The School of Nature has arisen so that we may recognize our divine nature and manifest that love on earth through care, conscience, and service.escola-da-natureza

As we reconnect with Nature, we recognize the highest expression of God. In every leaf, in every flower and every living being on earth are parts of ourselves. By interacting with nature, we recognize our simplicity, diversity, abundance, and ability to generate life and movement.

In the School of Nature it is possible to take courses and retreats or to serve in projects.

Duration: from 3 days to 3 months

Public: young people and adults who want to contribute to the ecological management of our land.


Accommodation in the Inkiri Center


If you just want to come to know without participating in any program, you can stay in our accommodation that was created to attend the participants of our courses.

You can do therapies offered by Cure Space and also participate in the various activities that take place at Centro Inkiri Piracanga. We have yoga classes and Sound Meditation offered six times a week. Occasionally we have other activities, such as circular dances, lectures, mantras wheels, meditations and experiences in the woods or on the beach.

To visitors who want to understand more about Inkiri Piracanga, we offer a guided tour that will take you to know the Center, the Inkiri Community projects and part of our Ecovila. Those who feel the desire to know more deeply about a project and contribute to our dream have the opportunity to serve unselfishly (seva).

Access the Accommodation link to find out about accommodation types and rates.

Duration: short (“I want to go and meet you”)

Public: friends and future friends Inkiri Piracanga


Community entry

Now that you know what we are doing here, you have identified with the Inkiri Dream, Our Pillars and you agree to our Agreements, you may be interested in knowing how to join the Inkiri Community.

It’s very cool your interest, but it’s very important to take it easy before taking a deeper step as you enter the community or live in Inkiri Piracanga. This is a step of much surrender in a person’s life. It is a great commitment to the Inkiri Dream and this new family, including all the joys and challenges.

So before a decision like this, we need to meet first. In general, we can say that what brings the person closer to the community is to have an experience here through courses, retreats or immersion programs and to do seva (disinterested service) in any of our projects.

The reason is very simple: it is through the action that you discover and experience our way of materializing the Inkiri Dream. So, let’s get to know each other better and, in a very spontaneous way, our bonds can be formed.

Let’s meet first?

See the previous topics of this page, choose which one is more your face and come and pay us a visit!


Exchanges and volunteer work

It is always very rich for us to receive people who want to contribute, but our structure does not allow exchange of work for accommodation or food.

Within the great demand for this type of relationship, added to all locally available manpower and the real needs of the community, it becomes unfeasible to establish exchanges or any offer of work without the person being here, to know ourselves and to understand how everything works.

We have programs that can interest you, which are a way for you to know our work, the way we are going, and to practice seva (disinterested service).

So you participate in one of our experiences (presented in the previous topics on this page) and you can contribute our projects unselfishly, if that is your will and with an open heart.


Among our values is Self-responsibility and to be here you need to guarantee your own financial support.

One of the ways to do this may be to put your purpose into action in our projects, but we can not guarantee job openings before meeting in person and also before going through disinterested service. Seva is a way to get acquainted, gain confidence and find out if it is for this dream that you want to put your gifts and talents to service.