Inkiri Piracanga Center offers a set of permanent activities that may be included in the visitor schedule. Some of these activities have an extra cost, however most of them are free of charge or  will accept a conscious contribution. You can enjoy even more of our spaces by taking part on some experiences or by receiving a therapy.

We have activities such as Yoga, Sound Meditation, Sacred Circle Dance and Group Reiki Sessions almost everyday. We also have spaces for you to go for a walk or practice sports. You can talk to Reception Team or check the board positioned in the main entrance of the restaurant for further information on each day’s schedule.

Therapies have a special place around here. Why don’t you enjoy your stay to take good care of yourself? You can choose from:

  • Reiki
  • Aura Readings
  • Massage


Take a look at our activities *

*Our activities are conditioned to our facilitators availability, as well as the realizations of courses and retreats. Thus the time and place of the activities may be altered or canceled without prior notice.


The daily practice of Yoga physical postures (asanas) during one hour.

Monday to Saturday, Oca Inkiri – from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. Cost: R$ 170,00 (month) or R$20,00 (single class)

Roses Meditations

It is a mentally active meditation for energetic cleansing and purification (only to those who already have been initiated in the practice).

Every day, Templo das Rosas – at 7 a.m. Free of charges

Sound Meditation

It is a meditation practice that alternates periodos of mantras singing with silence.

Saturday, at Oca Vagalume – at 8:30 a.m. Conscious contribution.

Circle Dance

Group dance that celebrates the union among individuals and people all around the planet.

Thursday, at the Garden – at 5:00 p.m. Free of charge.


The O-DGI (meaning: The Awakening of the Inner Warrior, from the acronym in Portuguese) is a martial art that activates loving awareness, assists in the recovery of self-confidence and shows how to face the day to day challenges with more presence. The activity takes place through video classes in Inkiri Piracanga.

Check the programming and the values ​​at the reception. 

Awaken Mantras

This activity consists in a circle of mantras that has the aim of bringing bhajans to the public, which means, prayers in the form of music that are full of meanings and devotional content. This is also a way of meditation.

Check the schedule and location at the reception. Conscious contribution.

Street Market

People who leave here and visitors put their creativity in motion to sell tasteful recipes and a variety of products.

Sunday (previously announced), at the garden ou in front of the river – at 3 p. m.

Reiki Circle

An opportunity to receive Reiki energy and feel the manifestation of healing and love.

Saturday. Oca Vagalume – at 2 p.m. Free of charge.

Seva (Selfless Service)

Selfless service means you can help our projects by using your gifts and talents to help the Inkiri Dream.

For more information you can look for the projects guardian.