Our Pillars sustain the Inkiri Dream. Each one of them inspire us to keep on the direction we want to go. Learn more about each one of them here below!


pilares_autoconhecimentoSelf-awareness is to recognize our journey, to unveil our truth and to realize that everything we want to transform in the world needs to be transformed  inside ourselves first. Our dream is to create the conditions so that each person can deepen in their self-awareness.




If the experiences of early childhood are relevant for our whole life, the most concrete way to change the world is to give the necessary conditions for children to develop their potential. Our role is to allow children to experience life in a protected, healthy and creative way.




To live in community is more than to live amongst differences. It is to return to unity and to strengthen empathy, compassion and to support one another. It means uniting energies to serve the same purpose. Ties of union and friendship are needed to live in community . When we connect, everything gets more intense – not only the individual evolution process, but also the transformation we want to witness in the world.


pilares_naturezaWe came into the world to look after our home, but we have lost this consciousness somewhere along the path. Now that we realize we are part of the Whole, we can not only stop leaving a negative footprint in nature, but also speed up the process of soil, water and air recovery, so that we can finally be welcomed by all beings that inhabit the Planet.



Creation is the power we have to transform reality. When we connect creation with our heart, we are able to use our gifts and talents to transform the world reality, to build instead of destroying. To sum up, instead of subtracting.




Arts is the human capacity to express itself, to experiment and to give form to ideas. It is the manifestation of feelings and the path to return the attention to beauty, exercising our natural right of expression.  



Nutrition is one of the direct bonds of human beings with nature and with the complete circle of life. Bringing consciousness to eating habits allows us to live in balance with all forms of life.