The Inkiri Community materializes the Inkiri Dream of manifesting Love on Earth in many different forms. One of them is by creating products that may not only bring abundance for us to continue on our missin, but also that spread awareness! Here are some of them:

Plante! Inkiri – Abundance of Love on Earth


Plante! Inkiri is a brand that is created and re-created each day. Our aim is to offer 100% biodegradable personal care and cleaning products, to contribute with the cleanliness and health of Water and of Earth, and to inspire people to develop their own products! 

The magic of the creation of our products takes place at the Temple-Laboratory, amidst flowers, scents and butterflies.

 Our products are made with the purest raw materials such as essential oils, vegetable oils and butter, paraben-free, without synthetic preservatives, no sodium lauryl ether sulphate or other chemicals harmful to Earth and to the human body.

Enlightenment Oracle oraculo1

The Enlightenment Oracle is a valuable gift developed by the Inkiri Piracanga Community. In it you will find messages of light, awareness and clarity for the present moment. It is a favorite of those visiting the Inkiri Piracanga Center and may be used individually or by groups.

 The unit price is R$60. If you want to place order for yourself or wish to sell the Enlightenment Oracle, send an e-mail to produtos@

“The Path of Dreams” Box


Everything inside the “The Path of Dreams” Box was developed by a dedicated student who took part in several editions of the “The Path of Dreams” retreat facilitated by Angelina Ataíde, founder and leader of the Inkiri Community. The knowledge was then systematized and is now available as this beautiful little box =)

 The Box includes:

 – A Book with Angelina’s teachings

– A notebook for keeping note of your dreams

– A map for the creation of reality

– A deck of cards (oracle) with quotes by Angelina

 The unit price is R$90. Just like with the Enlightenment Oracle, if you want to place an order for yourself or wish to sell the Enlightenment Oracle, send an e-mail to produtos@

Special Edition Notebooks – Sri Prem Baba at Inkiri Piracanga


When spiritual master and humanitarian leader Sri Prem Baba visited Inkiri Piracanga in 2016, the Inkiri Community created two Special Edition Notebooks. One of them has Sri Prem Baba’s drawing on the cover and the other has a hummingbird (representing Sri Prem Baba) kissing a rose (which represents Piracanga). Both original watercolors were painted by artist Canãti Iari. 

The unit price is R$50 and all the profit is given to the Awaken Love global movement, headed by Sri Prem Baba. If you want to place an order for yourself, send an e-mail to produtos@

“Earth Mandalas” Coloring Book


The Earth Mandalas coloring book is the outcome of a project by Deise, one of the teenage students of the Escola Inkiri (Inkiri School). It contains mandalas she drew, sentences she picked and pictures of the daily life at school. It is an invitation for meditation and getting in touch with the inner self through coloring the mandalas. 

The unit price is R$55. If you want to place an order for yourself or wish to sell the Earth Mandalas Coloring Book, send an e-mail to produtos@

Inkiri Workshop

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At our Inkiri Workshop shop here at Inkiri Piracanga Center, you will find all products made following the Inkiri Arts Pillar!

 If you want to place an order for yourself or wish to sell the Inkiri Workshop products, send an e-mail