The Inkiri Piracanga Center is located at Piracanga Eco-village, in Bahia (Brazil). It is a place surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, a treasure that we dearly honor. Besides the river, the sea and the forest at the back of the eco-village, our care for the environment can be seen everywhere. But that’s only a glimpse of what you’ll find here.

The Permaculture Center

Upon arriving at Inkiri Piracanga, you will enter a universe of bio-constructed houses that are in balance with the local natural environment. Our Permaculture Center is the heart that pulsates all the abundance of the fauna and flora that exist here. You can identify this on its ecological design, on the applied agroforestry techniques, at our Composting Center and on our waste recycling practices, or even by the presence of beautiful birds, reptiles, amphibians and a rich diversity of butterflies, dragonflies, beetles, among others.

At the Permaculture Center, you can visit the Temple of Waters – the laboratory where Plante! Inkiri’s biodegradable products are created. You can also visit its garden, beautifully decorated with recycled materials, herbs and PANCs (Acronym for Non-Conventional Food Plants in Portuguese). At the Waste Recycling Center you have the option of leaving any object that is no longer useful to you, but that could serve other people. Come and check, maybe you’ll find something you need there.

One interesting fact is the presence of the seven different types of dry toilet we have around here. You can find them at different areas at the Center. One of them was even caringly named as “the world’s most beautiful toilet”.

Our values ​​are integrated on our daily lives.

Açaí do Mar Inkiri

By walking the trails you will discover spaces where our main values, such as life in community and spirituality, can be integrated in our routine. Açaí do Mar is one of the living areas and is close to the Sauna and Oca Mandir – a space for meditation and daily activities. Among the beautiful accommodations, you’ll always find some hammocks to relax in the holistic center.

Book your therapies, learn more about which courses we are offering or get your Inkiri$, our local currency, at the Reception – your arrival point when you get here using our transportation service. The Coworking is the headquarters of the Inkiri House and other essential services. It’s located right next to the Inkiri School, where children learn through a new education technique, recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC).

The Cultural Space, the center of all artistic activities, includes the Inkiri Music Project and the Inkiri Atelier. In this space, the gifts and talents of artists have a fertile ground for creation.

The Inkiri Shop

Around the Inkiri Restaurant, there are available several services, such as Frutos da Terra Store – our emporium – Plante! Inkiri Store and the Inkiri Store. In this space, you can also enjoy the Inkiri Library, a reading room with books in different languages ​​and varied themes, such as self-knowledge, spirituality and novels from Brazilian and international literature.

At the Restaurant there is also the Detox Space, a kitchen that prepares green juices for residents and guests in the morning and produces delicious functional foods that are served at the Shake Hut or at Frutos da Terra Store.


Beauty, tranquility and self-knowledge

From the garden it is possible to observe the river and the sea – one of the most beautiful landscapes of Inkiri Piracanga. It is here where many gatherings take place, such as the Holy Circular Dances, the Flea Market Fair (on previously announced Sundays) and bonfire nights with music. It’s also where you can find the Shake’s Hut. The place is ideal for sunbathing, taking a dip in the river, having fun in the slackline or playing beach volleyball with friends.

The huts (Ocas) are where the courses and retreats take place. Oca Vagalume, located close to the restaurant, is a place for a lot of fun. There is where presentations of the Gran Circus Vagalume and other activities happen. The Oca Inkiri and the Temple of the Roses are our largest facilities.

All these spaces are the result of our continuous search for spiritualising the matter. Besides the structural part, we promote several activities that happen at a regular basis and which are part of the routine that you can experience here.

Bring your event here

Oca Inkiri

The Inkiri Piracanga Center is prepared to receive visitors and events providing accommodation, meals, arts, shops, spaces for courses and leisure activities, as well as offering permanent daily activities. Our space is perfect for retreats, gatherings, immersive courses, among others.

The Inkiri Center has a large structure located at a marvellous place by the banks of the Piracanga River, just in front of the southern Bahia Sea, on the Maraú Peninsula.

Our capacity is of around 90 people in our 28 rooms – most of them with a view to the ocean, plus two collective dorms and rooms in shared community houses.

Our four Ocas (huts) have varying sizes and are used for courses and activities. The structure of the Inkiri Center also includes the Cultural Space, with the Inkiri Atelier, the Inkiri Music project and an areas for experience style workshops.

You can bring your event to Inkiri Piracanga.