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Just as different words in different places on the planet, “inkiri” is a greeting that, hundreds, maybe even thousands of years ago, was used by a tribe that lived here in the region of Piracanga, in a peninsula called “Península de Maraú”, in Bahia, Brazil. Its meaning is as simple as it is universal: “The love in me greets the love in you”

The Inkiri Dream means to acknowledge and manifest the Love and the Truth that exist in each and all of us, and everywhere. For that purpose, we believe that more is needed than our good intentions alone. Action is necessary so that together we make it come true that mankind is free, happy and once again lives at peace in this planet.

Looking at that phrase, it can seem almost unachievable, since we have the challenge of living in a period of time where Love is hidden by a lot of unconsciousness. For generations, we have mistreated others, this planet and ourselves. Here in the Inkiri Community, we have chosen to take the First step in the direction of this dream: accepting that each one of us is responsible for feeding this game.

Our way of interrupting this cycle is to experiment ways of transforming this reality by putting our gifts and talents in service, a lot of times successfully, others times not so much, but always giving our best.

(Our children playing on stepping on clay in the bio construction of one of our dreams)

What does “dream” mean to us?

Since we are talking about our dream, let’s talk a little bit more about what the word “dream” means to us. In the Inkiri Community, we try to open up a space where anyone can realize their dreams, because we believe that dreams come from our purest part, from our spirit, and they are big keys to bringing Love to this planet!

To us, “dreams” are not daydreams or illusions, but a vision, something very practical that exists with the sole purpose of coming true. After all, it was by following a dream that the leader of the Community, Angelina Ataide, got to Piracanga, founded an Ecovillage and started the construction of what would one day came the Inkiri Piracanga Center.

Antes e depois Piracanga
Satellite image of how the terrain was in 2001 (explored by a farm of palm trees) and how it got in 2015 (covering the Inkiri Center, the protected forest and the terrains of the Ecovillage)

And this dream happens here in Piracanga!